Monday, September 24, 2012

Weather Reporter

We can report the weather on our interactive whiteboard. We use the Daily Calendar and Weather Reporter. This is today's Daily Calendar we completed at school this morning.

Braille Builder

To learn about Braille click here.
Crack the Code - What does the message above say?

You can write a message or see what your name looks like in Braille.

Songs and Rhymes

Molly finds Teddy

Parents' Association

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome back to all the students and in particular a big hello to the new Junior Infants.

The first meeting of the current year will take place on Wednesday 26th September @ 8.30pm in the Manor Hall. Events for the forthcoming year will be discussed and any new ideas or suggestions would be gratefully received.

The parents association was set up a number of years ago and is a voluntary organization which ultimately needs support of parents. I would urge parents to get involved as it is in the interest of their children. I do appreciate that we are all busy in our everyday working lives but I really hope that more parents will lend a hand to ensure its success. It also ensures that new ideas and suggestions can be explored so please make a special effort as in a given school year there are only 4-5 meetings.

I attach a booking form for this year’s panto which is Dick Whittington and his Cat. Tickets go on sale on Monday 1st October and it is hoped to secure tickets for the matinee performance on Sunday 9th December. I am looking for a volunteer to queue on that morning to guarantee the tickets for this much enjoyed occasion by all the pupils.

I look forward to meeting as many parents as possible on Wednesday and do hope that I will get the support that is needed to ensure fond and happy memories of Leckaun National School.

Thanking you in advance.

Ann Longworth
23rd September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scoilnet Star Site

Leckaun National School has been named Scoilnet Star Site. 
Scoilnet Star Site

"Fantastic school information, links, use of Twitter and news archive. Gives a great sense of the school."

Many congrats to pupils, teachers and all involved in Leckaun School Community.
Star Site Archive can be viewed here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Autumn Art Display

The colours of autumn are red, orange, yellow, gold and brown. We are learning about the red squirrel and the hedgehog. Chestnuts or conkers fall from the Horse Chestnut Tree.
We used our handprints to make out trees and made falling leaves using finger painting. What a super job!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dash - Class Pet Junior Room

We all thought of names of for our new class pet. Last Friday we had a raffle and the name Dash came out of the hat. Dash is very happy to be in Leckaun National School and we are sure that he will get the very best of treatment from all the children.

Back to School

Playdough Mats

We make lots of pictures and words using marla or playdough.

The Hungry Clown

We made spaghetti for the hungry clown.

Message from Principal

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

eBooks to read online

Songbirds Phonics by Julia Donaldson

Lilac Level 1+ Mix Mix Mix click here to read
Green Stage 2 The Ox and the Yak click here to read
Blue Stage 3 Ron Rabbit's Big Day click here to read
Red Stage 4 Queen Aneena's Feast click here to read
Gold Stage 5 Sue Kangaroo click here to read
Yellow Stage 6 Paula the Vet click here to read

                                      Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales

Lilac Stage 1 The Little Red Hen click here to read
Pink Stage 1+ The Big Carrot click here to read
Red Stage 2 The King and His Wish click here to read
Yellow Stage 3 Chicken Licken click here to read
Blue Stage 4 Tom, Dad and Colin click here to read
Green Stage 5 The Magic Paintbrush click here to read
Orange Stage 6 The Frog Prince click here to read
Turquoise Stage 7 Rumplestiltskin click here to read
Purple Stage 8 Finn MacCool click here to read
Gold Stage 9 East of the Sun, West of the Moon click here to read

Project X 

 A Home for Ted click here to read
Tiger's Family click here to read
Is Dad in Here? click here to read
Ducks click here to read
Ant and the Baby click here to read
My Cat Moggy click here to read
Paco's Pet click here to read
A Dog's Day click here to read
Don't Jump on the Bed Fred! click here to read
What is it? click here to read
Tortoise, tortoise! click here to read
Diggers click here to read
The Birthday Cake click here to read
Stop Pot, Stop! click here to read
The Rainy Day click here to read
What's the Weather Like today? click here to read
Patterns click here to read
When Animals Invade click here to read
Animal Magic click here to read
The Play Park click here to read
Bug Hunt click here to read
The Noisy Day click here to read
What' s that Noise? click here to read
Hide and Cheat click here to read
Dinosaur Safari click here to read
Power Racers click here to read
Attack of the Centipede click here to read
Animal Conflicts click here to read

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Curly Carol and Harry Hedgehog

We made curls for Carol and spikes for Harry today at school. We hope you like our work.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to School

Welcome back to all the children in Leckaun National School. We hope everyone had a nice summer and wish all the children and their families the very best for the coming school year.