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Learn the Letter Sounds

This is the specific order of the Letter Sounds in Jolly Phonics
Illustrated version of the specific order of the Letter Sounds in Jolly Phonics

Blending Phonics Letter Sounds

It is hoped that by introducing the Letter Sounds and constant reinforcement children will learn then to progress onto the next phase - BLENDING. It is hoped that even in Junior Infants children will begin to blend letter sounds and even enjoy the process. Make it fun at home - Say if you are reading the book ZOG to your child. Is it called Mog (another great series of books!) or Fog, or Tog, Jog?!? Better again POG (remember them...!) or I'm gone to the BOG! Children all learn better when we are being fun with them - at all ages. Next they will be joking and playing with you but actually categorising word families in their heads which paves the way for Spelling in Senior Infants.

Busy Bee Copy

Each child in Infants has a Busy Bee Copy (15 Lined Project Copy for Junior Infants and 15A for Senior Infants). When Senior Infants start doing Spelling Tests after Halloween Mid Term we let the Junior Infants copy the words from chalkboards written by the teacher. they really enjoy this and gets them writing with a purpose. As the year goes on they then may begin organising their words on lines on the page, perhaps writing without even reading the mini blackboards. We request that parents sign and praise their child for their efforts. Take a glance back at their first "Test" and as the year continues on their progress is fantastic to see particularly for the child themselves. Remember each child progress at their own rate - compare them only to themselves. We request work is signed so as to encourage parents to check their child's work and be involved of what is going on at school. If they come home with a sticker or a star with on jumper or copy ask them why they got the sticker. 

Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Book

Explanation of Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds Book (each pupil has their own personal copy)
Each child in Infants has a letter sound book. This is a regular copy cut in half. Please do not dump this Sound Book over the summer holidays as it serves a useful purpose right up until 2nd class. It is very time consuming to make these books. The books should be kept with word lists and with readers  to protect these resources from day to day wear and tear in school bags.
As is said to the children in school - the sound books and words should be in a "well used condition" this is good, it means that they are being looked at during homework frequently. 
In Senior Infants children are given a Word Dictionary. This is given when they know their letter sounds and are blending with ease. It further serves to increase motivation and take charge and organise their own learning (ongoing). They are not lists to be filled but rather a personal repository to store corrections, interesting words, local place names and their class mates corrections. There is not bad mistake when we take learning from our error (ongoing!)

Tricky Words

Tricky words are those words which cannot be sounded out correctly using the Jolly Phonics sounds. The only way these words can be read and spelt correctly is by learning them and having plenty of practise.
By introducing the Tricky Words slowly, possible one or two a week, your child is more likely to be able to read and spell each of the words correctly.  Once you have introduced the tricky word and practised it, reinforce this word regularly when sharing picture books and reading together.
When helping your child to learn to spell the tricky words you may decide to use the 'Look, Cover, Write and Check' method. This involves first looking at the word and identifying which part is tricky, covering the word, writing it and then checking the spelling.
When practising the spelling of tricky words aim to make it a fun, enjoyable activity, perhaps by writing the tricky words in sand, paint, shaving foam or glitter. Once your child has practised a few times in a less structured way, give them the opportunity to attempt to write the tricky word on coloured paper with crayons or felt tips.

We are using these apps in the Junior Room for Jolly Phonics. They are available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android Devices. They work on tablets and smart phones.
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A number of parents have asked for information on this topic. Use of any device and download/purchase of any App is at the discression of parent/guardian. It is not mandatory.

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