Junior Infant Enrolment

Leckaun National School is currently accepting enrolment applications for September 2nd 2024.
Applications are available on the school website. 

School Enrolment Form can be accessed by clicking here. 
Online Pre-Enrolment form on Aladdin Connect click here

*Please fill both online pre enrolment form and physical Enrolment Form.*

Admissions Policy is available to view here
A hard copy can be obtained on request from the school office.

Enrolment packs can be posted or collected at the school

Any parent who has a child, relation or neighbour that you believe may be interested in joining our school community next September, they could also pick up an enrolment pack in the office.

Call  (071) 91 64569 or email info@leckaunns.ie 
Further information may be obtained by visiting the school website www.leckaunns.ie 

August 2020

Dear Parents,

We are planning an induction day on Friday 28th of August 2020  in the school. This will give the children an opportunity to meet one another and see the school and to meet the teachers before officially starting school on September 1st 2020. 
  • Parent(s) may drop child off at the school and enter building once social distancing and hand hygiene rules are observed.
  • Face coverings will be required by parents inside the school building. 
  • This will be a relaxed session and pupils are not required to wear their uniform. 
  • Parent(s) may leave children at the school and return for "pick up" 30 mins later. Session should be finished by 10.45/11am allowing for drop off /collection time.
  • Children are not required to bring food or bags of any kind. 
Any further updates will be communicated by text message.

We are all really looking forward to meeting our new Junior