Friday, November 15, 2013

Parents' Association Newsletter

Leckaun National School
Parents Association

Dear Parents,

Many thanks to all parents who attended our first meeting of this current year which was held recently. It was an extremely well attended meeting and most encouraging to see so many faces.

At our meeting the following items were discussed and it was agreed to proceed as follows:


This is a great way to raise money to cover events throughout the year and is a day that all children enjoy as it signals the beginning of a school break coinciding with letting the children wear their own style. It is entirely up to each household as to the donation amount and all monies are most gratefully received. There are currently 38 pupils attending Leckaun NS so it would be hoped that at least 5euro per child would be donated.

The first date for non-uniform is on Friday 25th October.

The second date will be Friday 20th December


Leckaun NS have, for the past number of years been very supportive of this venture and it is a lovely way of getting the children involved in helping others who are less well off. A leaflet is attached with all the relevant information. The boxes should be returned to the school on the morning of Wednesday 6th Nov only from where they will be collected. A fee of 4 euro per box should also be enclosed to cover transport and distribution of your box. This is all explained in the attached leaflet.


Many thanks to Loretta Dunleavy who kindly queued for tickets and managed to secure same for the matinee performance on Sunday 8th December @ 3pm. I attach the tickets with this newsletter and I hope everyone enjoys this years panto as it is truly a happy occasion for both parents and children


Our venture this year is to produce a full colour cook book which will be sold through the school firstly and then through our local community. I am currently gathering recipes and artwork and hope to have it to the printer in the next couple of weeks. As I said at our P/A meeting, I have received a huge amount of desserts and in some instances, I have 4-5 copies of the same recipe. I need to re-organise the recipes to ensure the book is well laid out in terms of starters, main courses etc…. and in light of this some of the recipes submitted may not be used. It is important to mention that each child will have their name accredited to a recipe.


The annual party will take place on Sunday 15th December from 3 – 6pm. More details will follow at a later stage.


As I am sure you are well aware, Newtownmanor Hall is available for everyone to use with a wonderful new basketball and tennis court.

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