Junior Room

12.12.2012 - 12.12pm in the Junior Room

We always try our best in our class. This applies to everybody in our class including our teacher. When a person can say that they have tried their best it makes our school a happy place to be for everybody.
Everyday we learn something new. This is true whether you are eight or eighty years old. Every day we learn something new. In school we can learn about new subjects, about our friends, where we live and how to best get along with one another. Even if we get something wrong in our work we are learning.
Class Speaking Object
The Rules of the speaking object are:
  • Only the person with the speaking object may speak
  • We must "Show 5" to the child with the speaking object.
  • The teacher may speak if needed
  • Children give others in their group a gentle reminder when they are not showing 5 to the child with the speaking object.
Performance in the Manor Hall
Teidí Beag Álainn le Jessie
Our Golden Rules
Class Pet 2016-2017
Jessie Shows 5
  1. Eyes on Teacher
  2. Ears Open
  3. Mouth Closed
  4. Hands Still
  5. Feet Quiet

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