Thursday, May 03, 2012

Beatrice Butterfly in Leckaun

Today when we were watering the sunflowers we spotted a butterfly on the facia on the school. We could only see the fuzzy body when we put the photo on the whiteboard. We still think that it is a butterfly because...
  1. It was out during the day, moths are generally noctournal 
  2. Its wings were sitting vertically whereas moths spread their wings flat when they land
  3. It was quite colourful, moths are usually more dull in colour
  4. The antennae have rounded clubs on the ends whereas a moth usually has thick or even feathery antennae
We also got to talking about where the name butterfly came from - do they like butter? We found out that the old English (or Dutch) was butterfleoge. The insect was thought to steal butter from uncovered milk.