Friday, October 26, 2018

Allianz Personal Accident Insurance

The full terms and conditions of the policy can be viewed at the Allianz website

Primary Schools Cover

Allianz have been providing Pupil Personal Accident Insurance to schools in Ireland since the mid 1980’s. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance is a benefits policy and covers Medical and Dental expenses following an accident.


  1. School Activities Only cover provides Medical and Dental expenses when pupils are engaged in School activities. €7.00
  2. 24 hour cover provides cover for Medical and Dental expenses 24/7, 365 days a year. €9.00

This insurance is not mandatory, the Board of Management however, strongly urge parents to consider taking out the 24 hour insurance for their child(ren).

Claim form can be accessed online And must be filled out by parent and signed by school principal who can verify that your child has relevant insurance policy ie school events only or 24 hour insurance.

Above information is copied directly from Allianz website as of October 2018.