Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day! 29th February 2012

We celebrated Leap Day today in Leckaun National School. We know the rhyme;
Thirty days has September
April, June and November,
All the rest have thirty one,
Except February twenty eight alone,
In a leap year once in four, 
February has one day more.
Leap days happen every four years when we have an extra day in February. When a baby is born on the Leap Day it is very special. They usually have something in the evening news where the parents of the leap babies are interviewed. 
The Junior Room made "Leckaun Leap Day Headbands". It was really fun and we got to wear them home.
We do not have an extra day of school because of the Leap Day. The next Leap Day is in 2016. We talked about what class we will be in for the next Leap Day.