Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mrs. Dolan's Retirement Celebration


On Saturday 25th of February 2012 we celebrated the retirement of Mrs. Dolan in Newtownmanor hall. Students from the Senior Room played some tunes on the tin whistle and flute. The Junior Room sang "Together Again", "Circle of Friends" and "Connected". Parents and members of the community enjoyed the entertainment and refreshments.
We presented Mrs. Dolan with a laser engraved piece of crystal in the shape of an iceberg. It was a particularly special as it was exclusively commissioned for the occasion using an original drawing from one of our students. 

It was a most exciting project from the designing to the postman delivering a special package to the actual presentation on the night. This photo also appeared in this week's Leitrim Observer

To the left is an outline of the final design that was used on the crystal piece. The whole process was a learning curve for both students and teachers. 

Festina lente, the phrase on the crystal can be translated to "Make haste, slowly". Activities should be performed with a proper balance of urgency and diligence. If tasks are rushed too quickly then mistakes are made and good long-term results are not achieved. Work is best done in a state of flow in which one is fully engaged by the task and there is no sense of time passing.